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Contractor Compliance Checklist (Revised 2/20/2020)

General Contracting (Single Prime) Compliance Requirements for Contract Execution
Items Required Before Issuing NOIA & Contract Forms / Websites
Bond (with embossed stamp) Sent from Contractor after low bid accepted
Certificate of Compliance issued by Ohio Dept. of Insurance
(Usually submitted with Bond)

Second link shows if Surety Company is registered with the State.
Certificate of Compliance Request - Web Page

Check if Surety Company is registered with the State of Ohio.
W-9 Tax ID Number Certificate Part of Bid Express Packet
EDGE Affidavit Document 00 45 39 - EDGE Affidavit State of Ohio
Standard Requirements for Public Facility Construction -PDF
~ Issue Notice of Intent to Award & Contract
Items Required Within 10 Days After NOIA Issued Forms / Websites
Certificate of Liability Insurance N/A
Certificate of Builders' Risk Insurance (Except Limited Scope) N/A
Ohio Workers' Compensation Certificate Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation - Web Page
Certificate of Compliance w/ Affirmative Action Programs issued by Equal Opportunity Coordinator. 
Use link if not registered.
Services Certificate of Compliance - Web Page
  from Ohio Department of Administrative
Certified copy of current licenses for all plumbing, electric, hydronices, refrigeration, and HVAC contractors issued by the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Industrial Compliance N/A
Certificate of Good Standing issued by Ohio Secretary of State
(Foreign Companies Only)
Online Certificate of Good Standing - Web Page
Executed Agreement describing divisions of work and percentages (Joint Ventures ONLY) N/A
Power of Atty. Designating State of Ohio as Bidders Agent for accepting service of summons
(Non-Resident of State Individuals Only)
Registered in Good Standing with Drug Free Safety Program approved by OBWC
 State construction contractor look-up
EDGE Vendor Verification Search EDGE Certified Service Providers
Unresolved Findings for Recovery Certification Findings for Recovery Search
System for Award Management (SAM)
 System for Award Management Search
~ Issue Notice to Proceed
~ Issue Notice of Commencement
~ Issue Tax Exemption Certificate
~ Escrow Agreement as Applicable
Compliance Requirements after Contract Execution (10 days after NTP)
Items Required Within 10 Days After NTP Issued Forms / Websites
Schedule of Values N/A
Preliminary Schedule of Shop Drawings and Submittals N/A
Subcontractor Declaration
Subcontractor & Material Supplier Declaration - PDF
   from ODNR

Material Supplier Declaration
Subcontractor & Material Supplier Declaration - PDF
    from ODNR
Resumes for Project Manager and Superintendent N/A
Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposit Download EFT Payment Authorization Agreement Form - PDF  OR  Create a Suppliers Portal Account here.
Payroll Schedule
Payroll Period Certification - PDF
  from ODNR

Prevailing Wage Notification to Employee N/A
Compliance Requirements for Application for Payment
Due with each pay request Forms / Websites
Completed Pay Application
(due with all pay requests)
Pay Estimate 08-18 - Excel Spreadsheet from ODNR
EDGE Subcontractor or Material Supplier must be identified on the Schedule of Values and/or Schedule of Bid Items N/A
Certified Payrolls N/A
Updated Subcontractor and Material Supplier Declarations if applicable Subcontractor & Material Supplier Declaration - PDF
   from ODNR

Due with each pay request beginning with P.R. #2
Waiver of Liens from all Subcontractor and Material Suppliers Partial Release and Waiver of Lien Rights - PDF
   from ODNR
Affidavit of Contractor Payment for all EDGE certified Subcontractors and Material Suppliers Affidavit of Contractor Payment - PDF
   from ODNR
Prevailing Wage Contractor Responsibilities
Prevailing Wages Contractor Responsibilities - PDF
Certified Payroll Resources
Certified Payroll Reporting Form
Certified Payroll Report Form - Excel Spreadsheet from ODNR
Instructions for Preparing Certified Payroll Reports Instructions For Preparing Certified Payroll Reports - Web Page
   from Ohio Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of Wage & Hour Admin3 
Prevailing Wage Notification to Employee Prevailing Wage Notification to Employee Responsibilities - PDF
Compliance Requirements for Final Payment
Payment Release Affidavit Payment Release Affidavit - PDF
   from ODNR

Final Affidavit of Compliance Prevailing Wages Final Affidavit of Compliance Prevailing Wages - PDF
   from ODNR
Affidavit of Contractor Final Payment (EDGE) Affidavit of Contractor Final Payment - PDF
   from ODNR