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Cutler Lake Dam

Location and Description

Blue Rock State Park is located along Ohio Route 45 in Muskingum County Ohio, approximately 15 miles southeast of Zanesville, Ohio. The lake (aka Cutler Lake) within the park currently serves as recreation for the community in offering swimming, fishing and other water activities. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) is improving the Blue Rock State Park dam due to concerns pertaining to the integrity of the existing structures and not meeting current ODNR Dam Safety regulations. The purpose of this project is to bring the dam into compliance with current ODNR Dam Safety regulations.

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Cutler Lake Dam: Vital Statistics

  • Maximum Embankment Height: 31 feet
  • Length of Dam: 385 feet
  • Crest Width: 10 feet
  • Reservoir Surface Area At Top Of Dam: 34.5 acres
  • Storage Capacity at Principal Spillway Elevation: 163.3-acre feet = 53.2 million gallons
  • Principal Spillway Type: 74-foot long curved concrete weir outletting
    into a 20-foot wide concrete spillway chute
  • Emergency Spillway: None
  • Principal Spillway Crest Elevation: 829 feet
  • Reservoir Surface Area at Principal Spillway: 163 acres
  • Lake Drains: 16-inch diameter cast iron pipe
  • Dam Classification: Class I
  • Lake Constructed: 1937
  • Lake Inflow: 2.3 cubic feet per second (baseflow)
  • Total Drainage Area To Lake: 2.46 square miles
  • Lake Outflow: 2.3 cubic feet per second (baseflow assuming no attenuation)
  • Counties: The site is located in Muskingum County at Blue Rock State Park
  • Communities: Philo

Safety Issues

The 79-year old, deteriorating concrete spillway has reached its service limit and requires a new structure. The dam as a whole currently does not meet ODNR Dam Safety Regulations.

Risk Reduction

Increase the capacity of spillway by replacing with new labyrinth spillway. Increase stability of embankment and manage seepage by adding a trench drain near the existing downstream earthen embankment toe. Repair deficiencies to the existing lake drain system.

Long Term Plan

The plan is to bring the dam into compliance with current ODNR Dam Safety regulations. Improvements to the dam will include construction of a new concrete spillway and chute, repairs/improvements to the existing control tower and outlet works, and general improvements to the immediate surrounding dam area.


Additional park information may be found on the Blue Rock State Park web page.


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