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Project Updates

Lowered water levels effects on Cranberry Bog State Nature Preserves

Posted on 4/22/2015 by Engineering in Buckeye Lake Dam

Lowered water levels effects on Cranberry Bog State Nature Preserves.

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Buckeye Lake At Winter Pool, Lake Drains Closed

Posted on 4/22/2015 by Engineering in Buckeye Lake Dam

The lake drains at the primary and secondary spillways at Buckeye Lake are now closed.

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Buckeye Lake Boating Rules Changed for Safety

Posted on 4/17/2015 by Engineering in Buckeye Lake Dam

Buckeye Lake is now at winter pool. We will continue to exercise lake drains to confirm the level stays as close as possible to winter pool since we do expect to see minor fluctuations in the lake level based on weather conditions in this watershed.

In an effort to increase safety awareness and promote recreational opportunity at Buckeye Lake, ODNR is changing its boating rules for Buckeye Lake. Included among the changes, effective today, a lakewide No Wake Zone designation for all powered watercraft on Buckeye Lake is established along with a newly created Speed Zone where boats may be operated above idle speed only between sunrise and sunset.

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No Fee For Docks; No New Construction On Dam

Posted on 4/15/2015 by Engineering in Buckeye Lake Dam

ODNR this week has notified Buckeye Lake residents they will not be charged a fee for use of their docks in 2015. Also, state-owned docks will not be available for lease this year. Residents on the dam additionally were notified that no new construction of homes and other structures such as wall systems, patios, swimming pools, sidewalks and utilities is allowed without a permit from ODNR. Similarly, no docks, boatlifts or other equipment will be permitted on or into the dam. Lake residents not located on the dam and who intend to install or replace an existing seawall are required to first file a permit application with Ohio State Parks.

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Lake Level Continues To be Reduced To Winter Level

Posted on 4/13/2015 by Engineering in Buckeye Lake Dam

Following a week of spring rains, ODNR continues to reduce the level of Buckeye Lake from its 7:00 a.m., April 13 reading of 889.06 feet above mean sea level by discharging water through the primary and secondary spillway lake drains. The winter pool target elevation is 888.75 feet. Nearly 2½ inches of rainfall was recorded last week by a measurement gauge operated at Buckeye Lake by the U.S. Geological Service. The lake drains a watershed of approximately 44 miles and can rise by as much as one foot following a rainfall amount of 1 inch. Water discharges will continue this week until the winter pool elevation target level has been reached. ODNR continues to monitor depth gauges in each of the spillway outflow channels.

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ODNR to Exercise Lake Drains at Buckeye Lake

Posted on 4/2/2015 by Engineering in Buckeye Lake Dam

ODNR will exercise its lake drains at Buckeye Lake for a seven-day test period beginning Thursday, April 2. The testing is part of an ODNR interim risk reduction measure to draw down the reservoir level to winter pool elevation in accordance with risk reduction recommendations issued by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers earlier in March.

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