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Project Updates

Buckeye Lake Dam: Construction Accomplishments

Posted on 4/24/2016 by Engineering in Buckeye Lake Dam

Since site work began in September, 2015 much has been accomplished at Buckeye Lake, including:

  1. Selection of design and construction firms for Phase 1;
  2. Preparation of construction staging areas and construction site;
  3. Design of Phase 1 Interim Risk Reduction Measures, including cut-off wall and Embankment Stability Berm;
  4. Installation of over 4.1 miles of safety construction fence;
  5. Installation of the Berm, using approximately 382,000 cubic yards of local bank run material;
  6. Loans and grants for businesses in the area are available under the Lakes in Economic Distress Program
    (Learn more about the program by clicking here.);
  7. Discovery and preservation of artifacts believed to be the Black Diamond Canal Boat;
  8. Mobilization, assembly and calibration of 3 soil mixing machines working 2 shifts per day, up to 6 days and sometimes 7 days per week;
  9. Field work supporting Phase 2 design.

Throughout this activity, extensive defects in the old dam embankment were discovered that had been previously hidden by various kinds of private structures and vegetation. These defects include, but are not limited to, large voids found in the dam embankment that are suspected to be caused by erosion, tree decay and utility penetrations. To bring the Buckeye Lake Dam up to current dam safety standards, these defects are being addressed through various Interim Risk Reduction Measures.

Please be aware: for your safety, crossing the fence to the Embankment Stability Berm is prohibited except for emergency responders and authorized personnel. Do no cross the fence for any reason.


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