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Project Updates

Buckeye Lake: Dam Construction Update 6-24-16

Posted on 6/24/2016 by Engineering in Buckeye Lake Dam

On May 26, 2016, ODNR announced that the lake level would be allowed to rise to an interim summer pool. This new interim summer pool level will be two feet above winter pool.

Following completion of the stability berm and cutoff wall, engineers from Gannett Fleming assessed the structure. Based on the findings of their assessment, they recommended to ODNR that two feet above winter pool would be an acceptable level for the water to be maintained at this stage in the project. ODNR dam engineers have reviewed and accepted that recommendation, with the understanding that proactive lake management will be utilized to keep the water at a safe level.

The water levels at Buckeye Lake will continue to be proactively monitored and maintained at this recommended depth during recreational seasons until the dam replacement project is completed, which is scheduled for 2019. When the newly constructed dam meets the required safety standards, the lake level will be returned to full summer pool.

Over the summer there may be additional work on the cutoff wall at various locations. This is an expected part of any soil modification project. Since the cutoff wall is underground and cannot be directly inspected, samples of the cutoff wall are taken using what is essentially a large hollow drill. Tests are then conducted based on specifications in the design. If a test does not meet design specifications a portion of the wall may require additional work. To date, approximately 150 feet of the 4.1 mile long cutoff wall has required some kind of additional work. Testing of the cutoff wall is substantially complete and only areas requiring additional work will be tested moving forward.

Please be aware: for your safety, crossing the fence to the Embankment Stability Berm is prohibited except for emergency responders and authorized personnel. Do no cross the fence for any reason.

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