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Project Updates

Buckeye Lake Dam: Stability Berm, Deep Soil Mixing Machines

Posted on 3/19/2016 by Engineering in Buckeye Lake Dam

Phase 1 of the project is the installation of the Embankment Stability Berm (the berm) and the seepage cut-off wall. The berm serves as a construction platform for the deep soil mixing equipment, which mixes grout (water and cement) with the surrounding soils to create a seepage barrier to a depth of approximately 40 feet.

Soon there will be three deep soil mixing machines onsite to construct the cut-off wall from three different starting points. To date, the soil mixing machines being utilized have been tall augers working from Liebs Island and North Shore. These machines use mixing paddles or "augers" driven into the ground horizontally and mix the injected grout along the full depth of the wall. The third machine will start near Mud Island and move toward Sellers Point. This machine is a Dewind One-Pass Trencher and operates differently than the first two machines.

The Dewind machine uses a 50-foot cutting boom that looks like an oversized chain saw to cut the trench while also vertically mixing the injected grout. Expect to see this machine in operation beginning as early as next week. Current plans anticipate this machine to be in operation for two 12-hour shifts, up to seven days a week until completion of the cut-off wall in June. All other schedules will remain unchanged.

Please be aware: for your safety, crossing the fence to the Embankment Stability Berm is prohibited except for emergency responders and authorized personnel. Do not cross the fence for any reason.


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