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Project Updates

Buckeye Lake: Mitigation Plan and Construction Update

Posted on 9/25/2017 by Engineering in Buckeye Lake Dam

Draft Mitigation Plan Update: Liebs Island, Mud Island, Sellers Point, North Shore Park & Kikersville Feeder Canal

In response to the public comments received during the June 26, 2017 hearing and public comment period ending in July, ODNR has decided to modify the conceptual mitigation plan and amend its applications with the Ohio EPA and the United States Army Corps of Engineers. These modifications are being proposed to address concerns regarding water quality and the location of proposed fish habitat.

Pending approval from appropriate regulatory agencies, the plan proposes bank stabilization along approximately 1,176 feet of the Kirkersville Feeder Canal. The canal will be stabilized by re-contouring both slopes and placing riprap over top geotextile fabric. It is anticipated that the newly stabilized banks will be supplemented with native plantings as space allows and will provide long term stability for the channel and the adjacent road. This section of canal will be dredged as part of the bank re-contouring and will also accommodate the proposed installation of a series of sediment traps to promote oxygenation of the water flowing into the lake; provide additional habitat for invertebrate species and fish; and reduce the amount of sediment from upstream sources entering the lake.

The proposed fish habitat at Fairfield Beach and Brooks Park has been removed from the mitigation proposal due to publicly expressed concerns about the fish habitat being incompatible with boat traffic in the vicinity and a preference for water quality and sediment reduction measures. Fish habitat is still being proposed at Liebs Island and additionally at Mud Island, Sellers Point and North Shore State Park (see draft conceptual drawings below; fish habitat areas as designated with blue lines). The proposed habitat at Mud Island will be established in conjunction with a proposed fishing pier. The total acreage of proposed fish habitat is approximately 10.94 acres.

Draft drawings of current proposed fish habitat areas.


Construction Update

The soil mix contractor originally intended to construct the new soil mix buttress (SMB) in a single pass. Due to unforeseen difficulties, this contractor has elected to modify equipment and operations to construct the SMB using a more conventional three-pass method. Due to the need for multiple passes, a second trenching machine will be utilized. The trencher already onsite is constructing sections of the SMB at Sellers Spillway. After completing those sections, this machine will be moved to the AMIL Gate Spillway and will continue to trench toward North Shore. The second trencher is tentatively scheduled to arrive before the end of the month.

SMB production will generally occur Monday through Friday, with the potential for Saturday production. No work is expected to occur on Sundays or Holidays. Production shifts may go from 6 am to midnight with a shift after midnight available for maintenance. Maintenance will be performed as needed and may occur during normal day shifts. To facilitate deliveries of materials necessary for SMB construction, the sidewalk near the AMIL Gate Spillway will be closed Monday through Saturday and open on Sundays.


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