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Project Updates

Buckeye Lake: Progress Update and Winter Reminders

Posted on 2/12/2018 by Engineering in Buckeye Lake Dam

We are happy to report that the new construction schedule, combined with improved weather, resulted in more than 7,500 linear sq. ft. of completed soil mixing since the last update on January 23.

While we are pleased with the progress, we also understand it can create daily disruptions for the local community. Due to the proximity of homes—one of the constraints that makes this project so unique— noise and lights will continue to temporarily impact residents. It is our intention to complete construction as safely and quickly as possible.

While public safety remains our top priority, we are committed to moving quickly, using innovative technology and effective project management. To date, the Buckeye Lake Dam construction project remains under budget and on target to finish a year ahead of initial estimates in late 2018. Normal summer pool will resume in Spring 2019.

A few reminders as we move into late winter:

  • Access Remains Restricted: Access beyond the fencing along the Embankment Stability Berm is prohibited except for emergency responders and authorized personnel. To ensure the safety of residents and visitors, please respect the construction project boundaries.
  • 2018 Dock Fees Waived: As in previous years, dock fees will be waived for the 2018 season. Homeowners and businesses may continue to use their docks. Please note: property owners with docks not impacted by the construction project must still submit a Dock Construction Permit to the state park office before making any repairs to, or construction of, docks. You may find more information at:

Please keep in mind that with a construction project of this magnitude and complexity, there are a great many interconnected elements. These elements can change from day to day and week to week depending on a variety of factors.

We will continue to keep you updated on the overall project and its impacts to property owners and the Buckeye Lake community.

Please be aware: for your safety, crossing the fence to the Embankment Stability Berm is prohibited except for emergency responders and authorized personnel. Do no cross the fence for any reason.

Visit the Buckeye Lake Dam Risk Reduction project page

Buckeye Lake State Park web page.