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Project Updates

Portage Lakes: East Reservoir Dam; Temporary drawdown of “Cat Swamp”

Posted on 1/9/2017 by Engineering in Portage Lakes

In mid-January, work will begin to make a modification to the north spillway of East Reservoir, located behind Kieffer Marine in what’s known as the “Cat Swamp.” The short-term construction work is part of an ongoing project to replace the Long Lake floodgates and is an Interim Risk Reduction Measure (IRRM) being implemented at East Reservoir. However, the work being performed is not part of the East Reservoir Dam Improvements Project, which is scheduled to start later this year.

As part of this work at the North spillway, the Cat Swamp must be drained temporarily, as this is the most efficient, cost effective and safest manner to place a notch into the existing ogee weir where a secondary gate will be installed to facilitate additional drawdown of East Reservoir when such conditions to meet dam safety needs may be warranted. The owners of Kieffer Marine have been briefed in addition to Coventry Township officials and other key stakeholders. The drawdown will occur mid-January through early March. Ice fishing will not be possible, but other recreational activities will not be affected. Once this temporary work is completed, the Cat Swamp would be allowed to refill on its own from the existing water pool in East Reservoir. ODNR says this refilling of the Cat Swamp would occur within a very short time period. Completion of this short-term work aids in ODNR’s efforts to ensure public safety by allowing its dam and spillway structures in the Portage Lakes system to meet dam safety requirements.


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