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Project Updates

Buckeye Lake: Project updates, boater safety and schedule

Posted on 7/2/2018 by Engineering in Buckeye Lake Dam
Construction Update

Earlier this month, the project passed a major milestone with the completion of all soil mixing and testing of the buttress wall. Construction is now focused on spillway improvements, sidewalk preparation and installation, and preparations for the concrete cap. The Buckeye Lake Dam construction project remains on schedule for completion by year’s end.

Construction Schedule

The summer construction schedule runs Monday-Saturday from 6 am to 11 pm, as needed. Activity will be suspended on Wednesday, July 4 for the holiday.

Sidewalk Installation
The contractor is removing the old sidewalk and installing the new sidewalk in 2,000-3,000 feet stretches. Affected residents will be notified about two weeks in advance of the work as demolition may impact structures crossing the state’s property line. Temporary orange construction fencing is being used during this work; please don’t move or cross the temporary fencing.


The new sidewalk is being placed about 4 feet away from the state’s property line toward the lake. After sections of the new sidewalk are complete, the contractor will move the chain link fence to the lake side of the new sidewalk, which will allow local use.

Dredging and Boater Safety
Approximate location of dreading equipment and effluent pipe.
Click the image to enlarge.

We continue to be challenged by boats hitting the dredge pipe which runs roughly from Mud Island to Fairfield Beach passing by Onion Island on the east side. No-wake and red marker buoys have been placed around the submerged dredge pipe, however, the pipe may surface unexpectedly at any time.

When returning from open water and using the crossing, make sure to keep the red markers on your right. Please remember: "Red Right Returning."

Watercraft striking the pipe can cause significant injury and/or property damage. Striking the pipe can also cause significant damage to the pipe which must be repaired to continue dredging. Please share this important information with family and friends who are boating at Buckeye Lake this summer. (Download PDF of dredge crossing map.) 

North Shore

Construction work continues in the area, and visitors may experience some delays at the North Shore Boat Ramp launch area. Please consider using either the Liebs Island or Fairfield Beach boat ramp. Both are open and offer ample parking.

Safety Reminder

The dam embankment from the homes to the lake remains an active construction site. For your safety, site access is limited to emergency responders and authorized personnel.

Visit the Buckeye Lake Dam Risk Reduction project page

Buckeye Lake State Park web page.